Welcome to the Five Rivers Area Literature Store!

  • IP #29, H&I Edition, An Introduction to NA Meetings has been added. This is a non-stapled edition of the standard IP #29.
  • Individual prices have risen by a few cents per item, but shipping and handling fees have been lowered to 6.5% vs 10% previously. This allows us to track price changes on the world site accurately, while still maintaining a discount in ordering through the area. The net result is that total price will be the same, or lower, for each order.
  • Inventory is complete. Item counts are accurate for all listed items.
  • New items are being added and discontinued items removed to reflect the current stock of the NA World site.
  • When ordering items that are out of stock or special-order, you will now get a notification in your shopping cart window.
  • Out of stock and special-order items may take up to 3 area meetings to receive, depending on literature sales, the type of item, and the date of the purchase.